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chance to Get a New iPhone 6S

0 - 28.03.2017 - 17:56
For some of us, “new iPhone” is another way of saying “cool thing I definitely can’t afford.” Instead of sitting on the sidelines staring sadly at your wheezing old mobile and waiting for the contract to turn over, you can jump at the chance to get a shiny new iPhone 7 Plus in this amazing giveaway.

This is not a drill, folks. Now’s your chance to win the latest and greatest mobile device around.

The high-speed iPhone 7 Plus features a high-resolution, super-tasty 5.5-inch display. It packs the latest mobile graphics, and a gorgeous new double-lens camera that rivals professional cameras, along with all the apps and sleek interactivity that the iPhone is known for.

Plus, with a massive 256GB of storage space, it approaches the capacity of standard laptops. That’s a heck of a lot of phone for zero dollars.


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