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развод из Ливии

0 - 07.07.2014 - 13:32
пришло мне на почту вот такое письмо
Dear Sir,

My Name is Engr. Tour-Shaban Issa a top official in the former government of
Col. Gaddafi of Libya.

My country is presently at internal war and destabilized due to the death
and removal of Col Gaddafi by force by the western allied forces and all the
former friends and associate of the past government are being persecuted and
imprisoned by the new revolutionary government, therefore we are all moving
our money out of Libya.

I want you to quickly help me receive and keep the sum of US $15.5million to
your country.

I have agreed to give you 25% of the said money for your assistance.

It is very urgent, Please reply me urgently if you really want to help me,

I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Engr. Tour-Shaban Issa

1 - 07.07.2014 - 13:33
понятно что развод, и довольно старый, решил узнать в чем его суть ответил
Hello, My name is Dima, I am ready to help you. but due to high risks of
failure of the transaction for reasons difficult political situation in the
world and control over the funds in the territory of Russia, I ask you to
transfer to my account $ 15,000 as an indicator of your serious intentions,
and as an advance-insurance of our relationship with you.
with respect Dima.
2 - 07.07.2014 - 13:33
это твой шанс выбиться в люди, парэн!
Действуй без промедлений!
3 - 07.07.2014 - 13:34
получил ответ, но пока не понял из машинного перевода в чем прикол
Dear Dima,

I want to thank you most sincerely for your prompt response to my request fax letter with which you have showed a true sense of partnership and understanding and if you can give me your maximum cooperation and support we can complete the transfer of the funds to your custody within 7days.

I am a former cabinet member of Gaddafi former ruling Arab Socialist Union Party where I rose to the post of the organizing secretary; I also served as diplomat and ambassador to the countries of Seychelles, Malawi, Central Africa Republic, Mauritius, Somalia, Lesotho and South Africa between 1986 -1999 before retirement.
I decided to contact you because of the need of reliable, competent and trustworthy person that could assist and help receive my funds for safekeeping and proper and profitable investments in your Country.

Before we proceed it is very important that i inform you about my present situations and my plans of how to successfully transfer the funds to your custody because I believe that your proper understanding of my present problems and the type of assistance required from your esteemed self will go a long way to determine your trust and commitment to the funds transfer proposal.

For your information please take note that the funds cannot be transferred through the banks in Libya because I am presently in hiding and running for my dear life and my bank account has been confiscated while any financial dealings or bank transaction on my side will alert a red flag as there is lots of control by the monetary regulatory authorities at the moment.

To bypass this problems/bottleneck I have perfected plans to secretly ship the funds in cash out of the Libyan territory to your location and as i write to you the funds has already been packed and compressed into trunk boxes in $100 bill denominations and deposited into storage custody at the custom bonded warehouse in Tripoli where it has been declared as diplomatic cargo.

The movement and shipment of the funds will be carried out with the assistance and connections of a trusted UN diplomat who will be using his diplomatic identity and immunity to ship the funds out of Libya as diplomatic cargo.

Be rest assured that the process is 100% secured and guaranteed and will be executed in a manner that will protect you from the breach of any local or international law what will just be required from your side is to cooperate and work together with the diplomat who will make the delivery of the cargo to your custody.

As mentioned in my initial letter I have agreed to give you 25% of the funds for your assistance and you could take out your share immediately the box is delivered to your custody and safe-guide the rest in the vaults pending my arrival in your country.

If you will go ahead to assist and work with me to receive this funds into safe custody for our mutual benefits do get back to me as per return mail so that we can further our discussions and negotiations on how we shall proceed to make the funds transfer a success.
4 - 07.07.2014 - 13:35
0-DDenim23 > кинь ему номер сбера.. чо уж
5 - 07.07.2014 - 13:35
перевод из он-лайн переводчика не выкладываю, т.к. судя по всему он не совсем корректен.
6 - 07.07.2014 - 13:36
3-DDenim23 > в ответ ты должен послать мошенникам на почту письмо, прикрепив к нему файл со спорами сибирской язвы, ПАРРЕНЬ.
7 - 07.07.2014 - 13:36
я не знаю Ливийского языка! Я Еврей!
8 - 07.07.2014 - 13:38
мдэ.. афера еще та. а шо , такой уважаемый чел смог в этой жизни выйти только на автора? бгг
9 - 07.07.2014 - 13:39
перевести он не может, деньги в коробках, а вот что от меня требуется я из перевода не понял))
10 - 07.07.2014 - 13:40
9-DDenim23 > встретить и спрятать. а потом спрячут тебя к примеру
11 - 07.07.2014 - 13:41
10-Нерва >что в ливию ехать?)
12 - 07.07.2014 - 13:43
3-DDenim23 >да он пока ни чего не предлагает.Он только говорит,что дескать грузят бабло бочках и перешлёт со знакомым дипломатом.Тебе не повезло,бабки перевести на твой счёт он не сможет.Напиши,что ждёшь дальнейших инструкций
13 - 07.07.2014 - 13:43
раньше от принцев африканских письма приходили, так там все понятно, сделай перевод, типа нахожусь в бегах, как из страны выберусь так отдам, а здесь как то сложно).
14 - 07.07.2014 - 13:44
13-DDenim23 >давай,пиши,что на всё согласный ))
15 - 07.07.2014 - 13:45
12-Стрелков >

OK. waiting for further instructions
16 - 07.07.2014 - 13:50
17 - 07.07.2014 - 13:54
11-DDenim23 > ехай. шо уж там.
только сдается мне , шо тебе письма с красноярского края идут. со строгача. бгг
18 - 07.07.2014 - 13:57
17-Нерва >ясно что развод, мне интересно в чем его суть)
19 - 07.07.2014 - 14:00
18-DDenim23 > ну вот и потерял ты куш, парень
20 - 07.07.2014 - 14:02
19-Нерва > налетай, халява, деньги из ливии бочками))
21 - 07.07.2014 - 14:07
20-DDenim23 >ну чё там?
22 - 07.07.2014 - 14:10
21-Стрелков >пока глухо, буду держать в форум курсе событий.))
23 - 07.07.2014 - 14:11
22-DDenim23 >ок ))
24 - 07.07.2014 - 14:24
20-DDenim23 > мне не нать. у меня этого добра полный погреб.
25 - 07.07.2014 - 15:42
Dear Dima,

Thanks for your prompt reply and I am most glad for your
acceptance to move ahead and assist me to receive the funds into safe
custody which has given me more confidence and assurance about your
capability to handle this operation and I believe you will not betray
the trust I will be reposing on you.Attached is a copy of my passport and I will need you to send me your copy of passport too.
Be rest assured that if you can act with all honesty and sincerity in handling this transaction to successful completion there are lot of other benefits and business
opportunities which can be derived from our mutual cooperation, but what
is most important at this point in time is to work together to make
sure the funds are delivered successfully to your custody thereafter all
other investments modalities will be discussed upon my arrival in your
country.As mentioned in my initial letter i have agreed to give
you 25% of the funds for your assistance and you could take out your
share immediately the box is delivered to your custody and safe-guide
the rest in the vaults pending my arrival.
Before we proceed further it is very important that i inform you that the diplomat who
will be making delivery of the consignment cargo to your location does
not know the actual true contents of the box, this information was
hidden from him because of security reasons so that he does not get
greedy and divert the box for his selfish purpose being fully aware of
my present predicament. The document covering the cargo indicates
that it was declared as family valuables and documents so as to disguise
and conceal the actual contents of the box.
My next plan will now be to contact the diplomat and inform him to begin plans for the immediate shipment of the consignment to your location as you are ready
to receive it.
As at my last contact with the diplomat he was in West Africa involved in operation logistic for transportation of unrefined humanitarian aids to America and I will try my possible best to reach him as soon as possible.
Please take note that if I do not get back to you or reply your mail as quickly as possible it is because of my present difficult situation as I have to disguise myself when going to public centers to access the internet because there is no internet connections in the locality were I am presently hiding.
Please can you confirm this address below and the nearest airport to your location and your direct telephone number so that I can pass across this information to the diplomat to enable him put in place necessary logistics for the shipment and delivery of the cargo.

Awaiting your reply.
26 - 07.07.2014 - 15:44
так теперь он адрес мой и телефон хочет узнать)
а когда же деньги просить начнет?)
27 - 07.07.2014 - 15:46
это Мавродий тебя разводит,точно
28 - 07.07.2014 - 15:47
вчера посмотрел фильм Советник, как то теперь боязно связываться)
29 - 07.07.2014 - 15:49
27-сказка >конечно разводит, чем же все закончиться, возможно дипломату нужно будет денег перевести, что бы он в Краснодар приехал)
30 - 07.07.2014 - 16:04
28-DDenim23 >да ладно,не сцы.Чё они тебе сделают?Подумаешь,адрес и номер телефона.
31 - 07.07.2014 - 16:07
+30 ну максимум завербуют,будешь работать на ливийскую разведку.Выдашь им секрет,что в Краснодаре собираются построить стратегическую развязку дорог на перекрёстке Старо кубанская и Ставропольская.
32 - 07.07.2014 - 18:36
)))))))))) гоните.)))
33 - 07.07.2014 - 19:23
0-DDenim23 >http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/iri.../post135121968
34 - 07.07.2014 - 20:21
мне как то на почту слали интуристы письмо мол якобы мне от забугорного родственника осталось наследство в несколько миллионов фунтов и они очень хотели мне их отдать на что я послал их нахер попросил выслать мне десятку зелени а остальное оставить себе ) тишина...))
35 - 16.07.2014 - 17:07
следующий шаг - попросит скорее всего номер карты и до какого мес валидна, типа с целью перевести денег, и далее можно свободно покупать в инете на эту карту
36 - 16.07.2014 - 17:59
Ах вы все мои племянички -котуси .Шлите мне на телефон писот рублей и я вам всё завещать .Лопни вовы вововича глаза ,если вру .
37 - 17.07.2014 - 15:22
Сообщение от Вася Кац Посмотреть сообщение
Ах вы все мои племянички -котуси .Шлите мне на телефон писот рублей и я вам всё завещать .Лопни вовы вововича глаза ,если вру .
Ща пошлю!
39 - 17.07.2014 - 15:49
Казус ЛЕГЕНДО. Растудыть иво качели.

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