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34-_Эовин_ >Я испугал _Эовин_ принципом Доказательной Медицны! Она думала удивить этим термином.

Но извиние меня, когда я в своей статье я вообще закрыл клетку черным ящиком, причем с часовым механизмом, это было на грани гениальности!

Alive cell as a black box

The author considers the living cell as an abstract black box[4], which receives some input signs (food and other components), and gives other signs output. Sometimes the cell as a black box degenerates into the cancer cell.
. How and why the author does not ask, but offers only a statistical theory, such as is done in the physics of radioactive particles, the theory of half-life (t½)[3]. Half-life (t½) is the time required for a quantity to fall to half its value as measured at the beginning of the time period. The author supposes that half-life theory of degeneration a healthy cell to the cancer cell can be applicable.