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- 07.01.2013 - 15:49
When I read a macho-ass bullshit like that floating towards me I always wonder, who are these people who dare themselves doing such things. Are they high-qualified managers building "The most technologically advanced economy" in the world? Perhaps they are "moral leaders standing on the edge of moral leadership"? Who gives them authority to be an asshole in a first place?
The answer is simple like that - they are, sorry to say, sore losers, surrounded themselves with the same hopeless losers in order to achieve one simple point: look better in comparating. That's all. That's all they need and that's all they want.
If you look a bit closer on them you will find out that 9 of 10 of them are low-paind clerks having nothing to do during the day and they give less than a shit about reality.
I have no reason to stay here and talk to such "dead-end mental development" of humanity. If they want to feel good about themselves doing this way, please, keep me out of this.
With love,
happy immigrant Michael.
P.S. Why all of you don't go outside, play hide and go fuck yourself?