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- 12.11.2012 - 23:02
Вот один пока просто засомневался
Who is in charge of taking a count of "eligible" voters?
Aren't you an eligible voter once you have registered?
Seriously, I don't know of any agency in my county/municipality/state that keeps track of who is eligible to vote and where they are at any given time.
А кто вообще считает избирателей и отвечает за регистрацию? В своей деревне/мунициаплитете я таких не знаю?

Другой - сомневается уже не в первый раз. Предлагает - "не нада малчать"
Go large and loud with this information. Seriously. TV, conservative radio, blogs, Twitter, whatever you want. You and I know where it will go. Nowhere. We hear the same "They cheated!" after every lost election.
Надо больше поднимать шума - ТВ, интэрнет... А то каждый раз мы слышим "они обманывают" после выборов
А вот ваще радикал
This example of voting fraud is most likely a beta test to see how far they can go without getting any serious reaction from the American public. Here they slewed the votes so far to left, that anybody with a pulse would see election fraud. But seeing there is election fraud is completely different from doing something about it.
Now the puppet masters know with 100% confidence that the American public will do nothing when they are presented with evidence that their vote really doesn’t count. They can see from their beta test that even when the numbers are slewed to the extreme, where they could not have been slewed any further, the American people are still contrite and just happy to play along with the election day charade. Not only were the Republican votes nullified, but the Democratic votes didn’t count either, because the puppet masters control of the voting machines and tabulation apparatus decided who won the election, not the Democratic voters.
If this type of extreme election fraud happened there would be riots in the street

[Кратко] Возможно эти фальсификации - бета-тестирование . Без серьезной реакции американских избирателей эти кукловоды на голову сядут. Если фальсификации случились - на улицу должны выйти pussy ri... тьфу - повстанцы.