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- 22.05.2012 - 13:52
In Afrikaans (language of drills) apartheid - separate residing, division, isolation) - international crime directed against mankind, politics of racial segregation, discrimination and oppression, carried out by the government of SAR towards the radical African and other uneuropean population until the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century. By many decisions of the General Assembly of the UN, Organization of African unity A. is condemned as a crime against mankind. The question on policy of A. was on consideration of the UN since 1946. In 1973 the international Convention on suppression of crime of apartheid and punishment for it, which created a legal basis of fight against A. (the Russian Federation is a participant of the convention) was accepted. With liquidation of system of racial inequality in SAR the problem of A. largely has lost actuality for the world community.
Действительно, полный "недостаток", ежели не видеть ничего оскорбительного в данном "понятии".