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- 15.02.2012 - 17:10
Сталин груб, 71: да ладно...
не все умеют пользоватся гуглом, не все консерватории заканчивали... :)

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The initials "SS" aren't politically correct since the Nazis used back in the day, let alone skulls, etc. especially when used in military unit insignias. However, they are found everywhere with special units simply because they give a distinct impression to outsiders of just what it is the unit does; They cause hate and discontent. That's their job. If you look at the pics below the "SS" symbol is in many of them. Us Scout Snipers us it in our unit insignia, both officially and unofficially. It's even in pictures and paintings at the Marine Corps Sniper school. Does that mean we like Nazis?!!! Hardly.

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Искать политический подтекст так же глупо, как в этом:

На 2010 год они имеют более сорока пяти золотых и платиновых альбомов и более 175 миллионов проданных записей.
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