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- 28.01.2012 - 12:00
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On 15 March 2007, Tessa Jowell announced to the House of Commons a budget of £5.3 billion to cover building the venues and infrastructure for the Games, at the same time announcing the wider regeneration budget for the Lower Lea Valley budget at £1.7 billion.


Following its second meeting on 26 November 2007, the Funders’ Group has now agreed a baseline budget and scope proposed by the ODA. The total budgeted base cost to be met by the public sector funding package remains at £6.090 billion including tax and excluding general programme contingency as announced in March. This includes the allocation to the ODA of the remaining £140 million from the initial £500 million contingency announced in March.


Ну и где здесь 5 раз? :) Затраты бюджета повышены были в 2007 году с 5.3 млрд. фунтов до 6 млрд фунтов, или на 13%.

При этом:

On 19 July 2011, Hugh Robertson, Sports & Olympic Minister,revealed that he expected the project to be delivered on time and under budget. "With one year to go to London 2012, [u][/uthe Games construction is 88 per cent complete and ahead of time and under budget.] That is an extraordinary thing for a Government Minister to be able to say a year out from the Games."


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